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During COVID-19, you can set up a virtual appointment with a peer mentor by emailing

Before emailing us, keep these Helpful Tips in mind:

  •  if you’re encountering a “department consent required” hold, that’s probably because you’re trying to add or drop classes in an FYE community. You must add or drop both courses in the community, which will likely affect the rest of your schedule. Because of this, we recommend not making changes to your FYE community. 
  • You can see more information about learning communities on our website ( Hover on the top left of the table and click on the + that appears so you can see all our community offerings. You can also click on the “Table” lab on the top left. Again, any class section listed here (class sections each have a unique CRN, see PDF for details) cannot be added to or dropped from your schedule without adding or dropping the class that is paired with it. 
  • Any class in your schedule or on CUNYFirst that does not have “FYE/FYI only” in the CUNYFirst description can be added/dropped from your schedule without our assistance so long as you have the proper prerequisites (requirements you need to meet before enrolling in a class). 
  • We ask that you take care to not go below the amount of credits you need to maintain financial aid (this changes from person to person, contact financial aid if you are unsure). Also keep in mind that 12 credits is “full-time student” status, below 12 credits is “part-time,” and you are advised to take 15 credits your first semester.

Starting June 18th, we'll also hold virtual drop-in office hours here on Monday through Friday from 12:00 to 2:00 PM.

When we're back in-person, you can find us in Honors Hall Room 05; we encourage students to drop by!

Phone:  718-997-5567
Fax:  718-997-5674

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