FYE Faculty & Staff

Dr. Megan Paslawski, Director


Dr. Paslawski's academic interests include fiction writing, 20th/21st Century American Literature, and LGBTQ life writing. Because she studies work by writers who often were marginalized within the academy, she strongly believes in FYE's mission to make all new students feel at home in college. When she's not at FYE or teaching classes in English, you can find her walking her rescue beagle Emma or baking.

Professor Jorge Ivan Velez, Acting Assistant Director


Professor Velez is an educator interested in promoting equity by making relevant the everyday lived experiences of students as to encourage self-advocacy. Especially for new students, teaching them how to advocate for themselves is a skill that will help them succeed not only in college, but in every walk of life. When not working at FYE, you can find them emphasizing the understated value of a pre-chorus or looking for zany instances of humor in the minutiae of everyday interactions.

Ms. Susan Braver, Office Administrator


Ms. Braver has happily devoted 20 years to her position as office administrator for FYE. She especially enjoys the interaction she has with the students. Her aim is to have the students feel welcome, offering her experience any way she can, answering any questions they may have. When she's not working, she has the pleasure of entertaining audiences throughout the tri-state area, performing at various venues with a cast of 14 singing, dancing and doing improv. Not a bad gig. Traveling is another passion, especially throughout Europe.  Now you know where to find Ms. Braver when she's not in the office. Ciao.

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