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First Year Resources

Welcome, Students!

Here's some advice from our mentors on how to thrive during your first year. They've also included some helpful documents.



  • Get ideas about majors and minors before you declare. You can go to your department of interest and visit the Major/Minor fair hosted every Fall.
  • Make sure to take care of your mental and physical health. Remember, you come first!
  • Get to know your own academic strengths and weaknesses. This will help you prioritize your school work.
  • Use a planner to schedule the amount of time you’ll be working on a project-- never procrastinate! New deadlines will sneak up on you.
  • Read the syllabus! Use this to help you write out a plan for the entire semester and so you have an overview of the deadlines for all your classes.
  • Use the QC Bulletin to explore classes that you may want to take!
  • Be open to extracurriculars. They can boost your resume, help you explore career paths, and put you in touch with like minded people.
  • Attend Club Day so you can get to make connections and know people who have similar interests!


  • Be aware of the First Year Forgiveness Policy and Grade Replacement policies. A failing grade doesn’t have to be the end of the world! Don't stop going to class. This will result in a WU (Unofficial Withdrawal), which becomes an F on your transcript. It cannot be replaced or removed and it will count in your GPA. Instead, speak with your professor. Do your best for the rest of the semester. If you get an F (in one class) it will become an NC (No Credit) on your transcript and it will not affect your GPA. Bottom line: an F is preferable to a WU.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are plenty of tutoring services on campus through the Academic Support Center
  • If you feel you’re not doing well in your classes, don’t panic! Chances are you’re not struggling as much as you think you are. Make sure to reach out to your professors regarding this, and never drop/withdraw from a class without consulting them first. They want to help you succeed, but you need to ask for help.
  • Participate in your classes and build a rapport with your professors by going to their office hours. It may help you down the line to have a good relationship with them.
  • Get peer advisement and faculty advisement. Both will have unique and helpful perspectives on academics. Whether it’s your first year or your fifth year, you’re always welcome to get peer advisement at FYE.
  • See your advisor ahead of time. This can help you beat the crowd right before class registrations.
  • Do your course evaluations at the end of the year! It helps each department know how their classes are going.
  • Pay attention to registration deadlines on CUNYFirst and assignment deadlines on Blackboard!
  • Make friends with the people in your English 110 class! They may be able to help you in your paired class and beyond. They can help you find out what you may have missed if you miss class.


  • Add money (QBucks) to your QCard at various locations on campus to avoid using cash or cards at the dining hall.
  • With your QCard you can get into Fitzgerald Gym for free! 
  • Take advantage of the Center for Career Engagement and Internships! They can put you in contact with professionals in your dream career and help you get internships. They also provide interview and resume assistance. They can be found in Frese Hall 213. 
  • Take advantage of the study rooms, scanner (you can use this to get your textbook readings), and tech rentals at Rosenthal Library. Be aware of the different noise levels on each library floor.

 Useful College Resources

1. The Writing Center, located in Kiely Hall 229.

2. Rosenthal Library  provides each student with $10 to use for printing. You can print on the 2nd floor of the library.  To print, you need your Student ID.

3. FYE offers free printing (max 10 pages daily) for students who are in their first year at Queens College!  Make an appointment with a mentor to access printing privileges.

4. The Health and Wellness Center in Frese Hall offers first aid, health services, personal and academic counseling.

Useful FYI Documents

FYI Playbill 2019


Useful QC Documents

Major Declaration Form      

Queens College Calendar


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